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Hang on, that's not the twat who is the hideous media whore, is it?

Itchy and scratchy. The Little Book of Nits.

If you have school-age children then the chances are you will have come across this little fella. And If you tell me that you haven't, then you're a liar. The little buggers are everywhere, whilst advice on how to deal with them is both erratic and often downright eccentric - put your child's head in a bucket of vinegar anyone?

Help, however, is at hand.

Little-book-of-nits-cover1Justine, the Crow of this very parish, and her co-author Richard 'Bugman' Jones have been hard at work these past many months at what will surely come to be recognised as the vade mecum par excellence of head louse wrangling. I shit you not.

Justine does the funny, as anyone who has ever read her FamiliesSE book reviews will know, while the 'Bugman' brings on the cold hard science. It is a marriage made in heaven.

The book is published by A and C Black on May 15th and costs £4.99.

Why not pre-order a signed copy.



Cheap Prams

OMG I think I may have to purchase! I have 3 boys and it's such a nightmare, metal comb, tried the zapper, special shampoos! Aaarrggghhh and when they come home from school with the dreaded letter - please be aware we have an outbreak - my heart just sinks to the floor, here we go again!!! So putting a bit of a humorous twist to this sad tale sounds just the tonic to me! Thanks for finding and sharing!

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