England made Luke Haines.
Step aside Stieg, I said, step aside.



Disappointed you left out the rebranded Sjowall/Wahloo books, complete with. "The godparents of Scandanavian crime fiction" Jo Nesbo sticker.


Martin, I had another 6 at least I thought of including, but I just thought it would be overkill. But those rebranded Martin Becks are a travesty. I may do a separate post blog on those.

Philip Amos

"Nearly as good as Camilla Lackberg" on a Karin Alvtegen book?? It is only 7.23 a.m. here. I sit in dread of what the rest of the day may bring to make me apoplectic. Karin Alvtegen is an exceptionally talented author who furnishes us with books of considerable originality in all respects. I have no hesitation in saying that she is already close to being one of the great crime fiction writers. Lackberg's books, of which I managed to read two, although her first one nearly finished me, are in a different mode of crime fiction and contain nothing at all you can't find elsewhere.


Philip, I'd go for a run if I were you. Maybe a bit of yoga. It was in no way intended as a slight on Karin Alvtegen, who I haven't read, but who I will now, on you recommendation, put at the top of my list to do so.

What I will say though, is that I had a mild-mannered regular reader of crime fiction who read a Lackberg and described it as fucking shit.


Well yes, but none of them, not one, is as good as The Killing. And at least one of them should be, damnit.

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