Tender - cheap as chips.

Tommorow I am going to go to the London Book Fair for the first time since the year 2000 when they threw us out.

BookfairbadgeOnly a slight exaggeration.

The small, neat, pram in which we were pushing our 4 month old son was considered a 'Health and Safety' issue and we were told in no uncertain terms - as around us men with worried faces wheeled sample cases up and down the aisles and a wheelchair toured the hall - that Fred and his carriage were a potential danger that could not be countenanced. Them was the rules, see, no matter that we had done the same thing with our two older children without an official murmur. And this on a Sunday afternoon, then designated Booksellers Day.

After that, we couldn't be arsed.



The only point of the Book Fair is to meet up with old muckers.

The one time I tried to talk to a publisher about their books, they more or less told me to fuck off because I wasn't interested in buying the rights to their titles.


Steerforth - there is a rather marvelous comment on my facebook page from an old mucker of mine re the book fair.

Plus what I thought was hilarious yesterday was, in spite of how quiet it was, you still couldn't get near the conglomerate stands for company men and women self-importantly talking to each other.


I did however find, in the less pretentious end of the fair, two books that I am going to sell hundreds of copies of, both of which were tucked away dusty and unloved.

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