File under: Indecent Haste.
Sometimes, you just see something that is so inspiring and original that you think, yes, this is the reason I have spent 30 years as a bookseller, this makes it all worthwhile.


Stephen Shieber

Love it!

Mark Thornton

Man, how are you going to make any money on the deal? That sheet of free wrap must be costing you, what, about 70p, 80p - it's madness...

We're thinking of giving away some free hot air generated by all the marketing...


I like the paper! Do they do one saying I PAID FULL PRICE, YOU KNOW, IT'S NOT FROM AMAZON.......?


Mark it was either that or raffle one of the children - you could do balloons!


Lucy that's a shit hot idea. Fairtrade wrapping paper. Suggest it to the BA - there will be a two year focus group and then they will come back with a new slogan: I WAS PISSED WHEN I BOUGHT THIS, or have I miss-understood bookaholism?


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Brilliant promotion from a book store
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