The winning ticket
You are standing on the platform waiting for a train, reading your eReader, when a hoodie approaches intent on divesting you of your new toy.

The Pony eReader

Great excitement yesterday at Crow Towers as I cut out from a box of Sainsbury's Wheetos unpacked my new Pony eReader. As you can see, it is a very slim piece of kit right at the cutting edge of new technology. I was particularly taken by the soft matte finish.


At first sight reading with it would appear to be simplicity itself. The text is clear and the controls are very easy to use. There is a moment of hesitation when turning the pages, but it is only a minor distraction.


It is in many ways just like reading a book.



John Self

Sorry mate, I reckon you've been sold a forgery. Everyone knows the correct spelling is PONNY.


Noooo!!! John, No! The man in the pound shop in Lewisham swore it was geniune.


Would you like me to make a nice little "jacket" for it? Or should that be a numnah?


Hello dovegrey, that would be splendid!


PS I have googled *numnah* and I am none the wiser.


Well I think it's a thing to keep ponies warm isn't it?

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