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I love it when my kids write my posts for me.

How Nuts?

...In the period, Amazon sold 2.5 million copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows worldwide, making it the largest new product release in Amazon history. Because of the deep discounts on the title, however, Amazon did not quite breakeven on sales of Deathly.

Poor lambs.

[And then I answer the phone and a lady on the other end says: Oh, hello, is that the Crow on the Hill Booksellers, I was really just phoning to check that you were still there, in a tone of voice that is clearly baffled that we still are. This has been happening a lot recently.]


Clive Keeble

Sell 2.5 million copies and make a loss.

Of this they should be *so* proud, what Schmucks.


Why do people say "deep discount" instead of "large discount"? I think it's because they enjoy the alliteration and also it sounds kind of business jargony and macho. It reminds me of pizzas.

Steven Hunt

I think a deep discount is a profound discount. An evocative discount. A discount that just says so much about the way things are and how we think about the way in which we think about the world.

Deep discount - all a bit hippy isn't it? kick out the jams...


Late to the party, as ever, but isn't the opposite a "short discount", like short change?

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