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Shaggy Blog Stories in the wild

Shaggyblogstories Here is a picture of the book Shaggy Blog Stories, quite at home in an actual real live bookshop, cheek by cheeky cheek with Alexander McCall Smith, Dan Rhodes and Ian McEwan and not looking overawed in the slightest, despite such august company.

So why not boost its self esteem even more by calling in and buying a copy, that way it will feel even more like a proper grown up book, and you will feel even more like a proper grown up, though with a misty eye, because you will have made a contribution to comic relief and bought a book the old-fashioned way.

Of course, it may be that you are chained to a radiator in a darkened room with only internet explorer for company (or perhaps you just, like, don't live in Crystal Palace) in which case you can still go here. They ain't sold out yet and they won't until the world runs out of ink.





I was in Foyles yesterday (I know, I know, it's a big shop, not a little one, but I needed a specific book on archaelogy quickly that wasn't stocked in any of the small places on Charing X Rd).

The realisation that I am not going to read all the books in the world before I die, almost made me cry. I mean their section on ancient Pompeii, never mind ancient Rome is several hundred strong.

How can one deal with all the knowledge that there are so many books that I won't even open!


lo-fi - that's a technical term, right?

Resolute - I once knew someone in their thirties who calculated how many books they had left to read in their lifetime based on assumed lifespan, and amount of books already read; they got so depressed it was a month or so before they picked up a book again.


Wasn't Macaulay the last person who had supposedly read "everything"? As somebody once said: there ain't half been some clever bastards...


Speaking of technical terms, do you have any Kobo Abe?


lo-fi - oooops. No, we have no Abe. I shall rectify.

With you on the Japanese film though, 100%.


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