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Comic Relief: Shaggy Blog Stories

Sbs450 Well, it's not everyday that you get to rest between the sheets with Petite Anglaise and Girl with a One Track Mind, but that just goes to show the lengths that some people will go for Comic Relief.

A week ago, Mike Atkinson, who is Troubled Diva came up with the idea of producing a book of stories from British weblogs in aid of Comic Relief. A week later, and he, with the help, as he is careful to stress, of many others, has come up with the goods.

Read the full story here

Astonishingly, alongside the absolutely stella cast he and his team have assembled, he has seen fit to include The Bedside Crow - page 16, third spear carrier on the left.

I will be ordering up some copies for the shop, but I know you will all be far too anxious to wait for them to arrive, in which case you need to go here NOW.

That's here. NOW!


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