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Lonely Heart

1861978294 Here's one for my writer friends.

Literary agents!  Save time when considering a manuscript by not bothering to read it at all.  Instead, set two beetles to race across the front page - one, a crippled, three-legged blind beetle named 'Accept', the other a steroid-taking model of beetle athleticism, wearing the very best beetle roller-skates, being pulled by a team of 16 beetle-sized horses and called 'Destroy Every Dream This Man Ever Had'.  Whichever beetle wins decides the fate of the author.  For a full set of rules and a licence to play (patent pending), write to sobbing, separated, newly alcoholic, chain-smoking man, 38, on pills for his nerves.  Box no 3524.

They call me naughty Lola.



On behalf of your writer friends may I thank you for yet another piece of literary upliftment!

BTW - have you seen the various posts about some kind of gig on 9th Dec at this really good bookshop in Crystal Palace?


Oh heck, just over two weeks to turn us into a *really good bookshop*.It can be done!

I shall now go post hunting.

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