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You_remind_me_of_me_1 About a year ago, when our website was even more of an affair held together by parcel tape and string, I posted an image and a recommendation for the book,You Remind Me of Me by the American writer Dan Chaon.

I had read about the book in a newsletter passed on to me from this bookshop http://www.squarebooks.com/ thought that it sounded like my kind of thing,  and imported copies from America along with copies of the authors two books of short stories.

Needless to say, the novel was very much my kind of thing. You Remind me of Me, is a great great book and Chaon, as is evidenced also by the two books of stories, is a rare find.  Even after 25 years of bookselling it is such a kick to discover something so good and a nice reminder of why it's still worth being interested.I began to press his work into the palms of unsuspecting customers. Nobody complained.

About three weeks later, I got an e mail from Dan thanking me for the mention and indicating the forthcoming publication of the British paperback.

I wrote back to tell him he was developing an Upper Norwood posse.

And then a month or so later he and his wife tipped up at the shop.

Now if this wasn't enough of an illustration of the wired up world we all now live in, that Saturday a customer purchased a now signed copy, and mentioned in passing that he had been recommended it by a friend in Geneva. He also mentioned that he had a blog. Intrigued I looked him up herehttp://www.aflickeringlight.com/

It was the first blog that I had ever read, but evidently it wasn't the last.

An excellent interview with Dan here


More Believer interviews with writers here


Dan's books




Thanks for the link, Jonathan. I didn't realise that my blog was actually the first you had come across. I feel strangely proud.
Incidentally, it's funny, I've been thinking for the last few days that I must start to flesh out my bookblog a bit, add some links to my sidebar - including one to the Bookseller Crow site, naturally.
I may be back in Norwood in a couple of weeks - if I can, I'll pop in and say hello.


Love this post. Glad to see that the list of blog devotees is growing - some of the best writing around these days takes place on weblogs IMHO.

Thanks so much for the link - I'll try to stop by next time I'm in London.


Well there's blogendipity, my post on this book was scheduled to go on the blog today but I thought,nah, two book reviews in two days, too much, I'll shove in some Atwood and post Don Chaon tomorrow!

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