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So what's with breakdowns at ballet then? Never a one for years, then two in a row...At least I never called you smug. In fact you're the only people I know as poor as I am.

You know this may be the only way we communicate for a while unless you and John come over for a French tortilla.


It was extremely embarrassing, very dramatic, & humiliating 'cos her ire was aimed directly at moi over the barre. It threw Fiona for entire lesson and gave Kirsty enough therapy material to work on for weeks. After that, one of Al's finest French tortillas would be an absolute bleedin' blessing.


Richard and I PROMISE never to ask/text you about house moving ever again. We will wait to be told ;-) xxxxx


Catrina, you can ask whenever you like and I am eternally grateful that you care. I am just a weary misery who missed her favourite legbends for the 2nd week in a row. House, schmouse!

meloney lemon

I picked up that sign and turned it over against the privet - the nails sticking out might have snagged someone's football kit.


Pity it didn't snag a bloody buyer!


What a shame they pulled out. Loved reading about the ballet drama, though can see it was traumatic for you.

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