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Lucy Ann White

Hi Justine,
I hardly ever visit bookseller sites but visited Mostly Books this evening and was surprised to find that Mark, like yourself, is very disillusioned with LBF. This is not something I expected: thought you guys would all love it. Thought it was only the likes of me (authors yet to to make it big) who felt like fish out of water there. I left a longish comment on his site so won't double up. But if you visit http://www.lucyannwrites.blogspot.com you'll see what I did to fill my time at the Book Fair. And by the way, hardly a pushchair in sight and not any of their occupants reading. That says it all. Better to stay at home. Lucy


Huh, how interesting. We spent the fair scouring the passersby for red badges - people were colour-coded and red meant 'bookseller'. The few booksellers we did see were lovely, as ever, and said kind things about our books. I'm very sorry the overall atmosphere isn't more welcoming because it's one of the reasons we go, and prefer it to Frankfurt which is just rights sales. You're always sure of a warm welcome at the IPG stand, although I know it's the big boys' books you need too.


Aw guys - now you make me feel bad! I mean, we supported the event for years and tried really, really hard to be postive and bigged it up to anybody who was doubtful. But in the end, it was only the small fry who were pleased to see us and took the time to talk and frankly, it was too much organising to come away feeling so hollow (not to mention hungry). I guess the fair simply exists in a parallel book industry. One that appears to have very little relevance to our daily experience. Perhaps we need to inaugerate the 'alternative fair' for real booksellers on the front line. How about a pint down the Angel...?


Em - never would mistake you for a *Larry* dear.

So where did you buy your CS3?

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