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I just read Laurie Colwin's first book - "Passion and Affect" - there's a great short story called "Wet" (if I remember that right, it's near the end of the book) about a woman who lives to swim. It's written from the point of view of her husband, who worries about her.

When I met the man I am now married to, he was a lifeguard and taught swim classes. He used to be a butterfly swim champ in school. Now he runs marathons. The only thing I run is a bookshop which cannot support my spouse. Sounds like we have some weird role reversal thing happening here...


Does that mean we are a stereotype? Finally!! My mother-in-law will be so proud.. Jon's the runner, mindyou. Not marathons but round Dulwich Park on a Sunday, with dogs snapping at his heels to keep his speed from dropping. And I shall dig out the Laurie Colwin, thanks..


'Oh, to have a lane to myself before the schools arrive, with the sunlight filtering on to the tiles, with a mile of water to ply; it is about as near to a religious experience as I’m ever going to commune with.'

What a fab line! It just says it all about one man's meat versus another man's poison. Lovely post!


A delayed thanks Cailleach for the compliment - wish I could write all day. Sadly, a week of teaching gets in between. That and, ah, just this once, special offer style, a trip to my chum's gaff in between Seasalter and Whitstable. Couldn't bring myself to do anything there bar eat, sleep and walk and walk and walk...

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