Customer study #42
This afternoon I was invited to the after party of a funeral.

A man says, I would like to apologize. (Customer Study #47)

I shrug.

No really, he says. One time recently, I was very rude to you.

He was.

I am too polite for this shit. Really? I say, I don't remember. (I do.)

Well not so much rude, as sharp with you. I wanted your attention and you were staring at that bloody screen.

I was? I say.

You were, he says, and so I said, something like, when you've finally finished with that thing...

I'm sorry, I say, but the whole shop is run through this thing.

No matter, he says, I was out of order.

No problem, I say.

The thing is, he says, I had been doing mushrooms for three days and my head was in another place.

I see, I say.


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