I asked Siri a question.
Intermission by Owen Martell - reviewed by Roger Trapp

I am eating a sandwich when a man enters the shop.

Buon appetito, he tells me.

Thank you, I say. I put the sandwich down.

I am looking, he tells me, for a book on sheep.

On sheep? I say.

Yes, he says, sheep.

On keeping them? I ask.

He shrugs his shoulders. Yes, he tells me, but also to learn to drive.

You want to learn to drive?

Yes, he tells me.

You want to drive a car? I say.

No! I want to learn to drive a sheep, he tells me. He mimes holding a wheel, turning it this way and that.

Ah, I see, I say.

I think, I tell him, that you need to go to Foyles. I write the address down for him and explain the whereabouts of Charing Cross Road.



Mark Thornton

You'll be wanting a book by the great Phil Drabble. Sadly all out of print of course...

Paul Morley

Sounds like he needs a BM double-Ewe.


Was it Francesco Schettino? He needs lessons in driving a big sheep.


That had Murakami written all over it...


Honestly, not that strange a request, but then I am Welsh


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