A man with an ugly red gash on his forehead enters the shop.

The number 63 special.

Yesterday at five o'clock, as is our family tradition, we downed tools, locked the shop door and went to Beckenham for some Chinese food.

I had been speaking with our friends at The Beckenham Bookshop about the restaurant which is their near neighbour. The food is very good, they said, but the Jimmyim mushrooms will give you weird dreams. Unless you want weird dreams, don't have the Jimmyin mushrooms.

I didn't have the Jimmyin mushrooms, but I did sleep the sleep of a man who has eaten too much Chinese food.

My dream found me waiting in the wings of a large dark hall whilst Jeanette Winterson introduced me to an audience of thousands of women and a large colourful bird with threatening talons swooped down low over the crowd.

I have no idea.

Happy Christmas one and all.



Re: Merry Christmas - you too, dear Jonathan, you too. And I hope no more crowds of women and colourful birds will disturb your New Year.


Well, no more than usual eh? Thanks Belinda x

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