A woman wearing a red coat enters the shop.
Jonathan Meades talking with Will Wiles

Book of the Week: Object Lessons.

Mal Vester had a pa who died in the Australian desert after drinking all the water from the radiator of his Land Rover. His momma had died just like the coroner said she had, even though he had lost the newspaper clipping that would have proved it. Not lost exactly. He had folded up the story and put it in the pocket of his jeans for one year and one half straight because they were the only pants he had and the paper had turned from print into lint and then into the pocket itself and then the jeans had become as thin and as grey as the egg skins his momma had put over his boils when he was little.
Opening paragraph of Dimmer by the brilliant Joy Williams.

Saw her read once in Waterstones on the Charing Cross Road and afterwards she sat cross-legged on the floor and chatted with us.We talked about her novel Breaking and Entering and the t-shirt that one of the characters wore Shit Happens it said.



Thanks for reminding me about Joy Williams - a terrific writer.


Isn't she just.

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