The Transmitter magazine issue 25
So, today is officially the day for

#Fridayreads The Chill - Ross Macdonald

Another in the handsome series of Penguin Macdonald re-issues. Last week I read The Goodbye Look - an expression less romantic that the Donald Fagen lyric might lead us to believe. The Chill starts with a fast elegant pace and namechecks Salinger and Kerouac and well as making a crack about waiting for Godot, or possibly Lefty, or even Lefty Godot all within the first 42 pages.

Elmore Leonard called the series the finest detective novels ever written by an American.

Somewhat weirdly, William Goldman is quoted on the jacket of Black Money published by Phoenix, as saying the exact same thing.

They can't both be wrong.



Fantastic. I hear that they're doing something similar with Charles Willeford's Hoke Moseley books next year.

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