Look at this display. Now hum Bridge Over Troubled Water.
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Sainsbury's has Carte Blanche!

 No kidding.

Carte Blanche in case you didn't know, is the 'new' James Bondnovel published yesterday to much fanfare. (I wanted to say Finefare, but who these days remembers them?)

It has a recommended retail price of £19.99. Our copies on a 'special deal' cost us £9.50.

As you can see, Sainsbury's are selling it for £7.00.

Either they got a very special deal, or they're selling it at a substantial loss.

Probably both, wouldn't you think?



If publishers did 'special deals' with the independents that still remain, it would barely dent the book sales for the supermarkets but help enormously to maintain a vibrant book trade.

It's in the supermarkets' interest to support real bookshops. Without the enthusiasm and suport of a few children's booksellers 12 years ago, there might not have been a Harry Potter gravy train for Sainsburys to exploit.

John V. Keogh

I remember VG as well

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