Some things that are keeping me awake at night.
A customer returns from holiday

Some more things that are keeping me awake at night.

Penguin. This has got to stop. Next month Viking Penguin in the US publish On the Road, the original scroll, by Jack Kerouac (edited, incidentally, by this old friend of ours) with a cover price of $25.95. Next month Penguin in the UK publishes On the Road, the original scroll, by Jack Kerouac for 25 large Great British pounds.


A shame too, that no one has thought to revive this brilliant jacket to the original Andre Deutsch UK edition, illustrated by the ridiculously talented Len Deighton. (Image swiped from this Flickr account.)

Txting. Dear phone call logging Nazis, if I send more than one text to a *celebrated female dominant in the UK fetish scene* it is an innocent service I am seeking to supply. If the text reads, your book has arrived, it is not secret code for, do you have an hour free this evening, I would like to wear the dog collar. Got that?

Celebrity currency. A new Indian restaurant opened a couple of weeks ago, just down the hill from the shop. I pass it when I cycle home in the evening. In the window is a large signed photograph of Matt Lucas thanking them for his feed, and testifying to its quality. How does that work then? Does Matt walk around with a little satchel of signed photographs and every time he's hungry pop in and have a word with the head waiter?

My Customers. I was going to say, where be they? (Answer, on holiday, dummy - that, and/or hiding out from various financial meltdowns.) Last week was the quietest week in living memory, and yesterday wasn't much better. But today has been a different barrel of Poisson entirely, with one customer alone, spending £138 on Asterix, Tintin, Lucky Luke and Mortimer and Blake, with a couple of cookbooks thrown in for good measure. Phew.

What's the betting that before the day's out someone else will come in and say, excuse me, where are your graphic novels for children? And then grimace at the paltry selection.

In other news, Caro has arrived and the annual sport of cow spotting in the rain has begun. A slightly unfortunate sentence, but I'm sure she will forgive me. Eventually.



It's a shame when Penguin do this because they're such a great publisher. Have you noticed some Classics and Modern Classics creeping up into the 10.99/11.99 range too?


Mmm, thanks for that Jon. I know you are only trying to lure a confirmed lurker into posting a comment. Damn, it worked.


Adam - I agree, they are a great publisher but £12.99 for the collected stories of Scott Fitzgerald is too much.

Caro - My evil plan: it worked! x

Adam - an even better example: John Updike Early Stories £18.99. US edition of the same book published by Ballantine $18.95.


Kerouac covers -
I have THE worst - a 1987 Penguin


lo-fi, you are not wrong. You can almost hear the Chris Rea soundtrack. Though I think I like the Pan one.

Watched Sound of the Mountain the other night. Great film.

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