Normal service will resume just as soon as I have caught up with my weekend back-log
Do you do the books of Jeffrey Archer?

Good morning Mr Paxton#3

Paxton13207Lovely morning. Sorry, I came by yesterday but I couldn't stay and chat; I was late and still jet-lagged from the 119 mile drive to Nottingham and back.

Anyhow, having left the women in charge we seem to have got away with. Okay, so they broke the credit card machine, the pricing gun and a tin of Mr Sheen, managed to extract £54.39 from one of their own debit cards(?) and couldn't find a couple of meticulously alphabetised customer orders, but apart from that everything went swimmingly and they easily managed the best weekends trade since Christmas.

Which can only lead to one conclusion don't you think?

Now where did Fred leave that fixture list.


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