101 Things you can't do with Ama*on
101 Things you can't do with Ama*on

It's a hard life...

Had an argument with a lady from Book Tokens the other day, and I said rather pathetically:

I have worked everyday since January 1st, seven days a week from 10 until 7 and only had two days off, and one of those was to go to a funeral.

And she said: Oh I know exactly how you feel, I missed our staff Christmas lunch this year.

Actually, I would be very interested to get the views of any other indies who read this, regarding the whole Book Token/BA deal.

(When you have a minute).



What is the deal with Book Tokens? Should we be avoiding them?

Clive Keeble

Its been a long day, long month, long year - not a day off all year, had to miss a good friend's funeral, didn't even get a haircut this year ; lady comes along today with her husband's ghastly covered self-published book (its our busiest week of the year ma'am, positively no reps until next year please); finished unpacking 6 boxes of today's book delivery at after 8 pm, then hoover the shop etc ; where were we - oh yes, Book Token/BA deal...what can I say except "we" indies work too hard to tie-up valuable resouces in outdated sales techniques...as for the BA, when they accepted Tesco back into the fold they lost any credibility with this grumpy bookman.

Jonathan, it'll be interesting to see which if any other indies have to *spunk* to make an open comment on this issue.

Clive Keeble

Morning chores nearly completed, and it occurs to me that I should have been more explicit in my above thoughts.

Nothing wrong with either BA or Book Tokens for those whose turnover is in excess of say £450k ; for us lesser mortals we will only survive outside the mainstream, sourcing very special eclectic stock and watching cashflow ; to me the BA and Book Tokens are a reminder of the 1960's, a world long gone by and one which I cannot afford to be sentimental to retain.

Christmas trading has so far been ok for me ; many of those who are marooned in the mainstream appear not to have prospered.

Now to put Grincheux and Joyeux back in their daytime locations, and clean the outer shop windows.

Oh, I hope that South London mail deliveries are not caught in same "logjam" as those in this area.


Hmm. 'Spunk'. We don't deal in BA book tokens, we make our own and we're not going to renew our BA subscripton either. We can't think of a single useful thing that merits our 175 quids worth. Maybe the Batch system but really the amount of invoices we have to pay and our tight cash flow don't let us use it properly.

Also, when Waterstone's give out their own vouchers as change for 'national' book tokens I think the game is up for us.

Not only that but aren't Book Tokens just a hopelessly shit present?


Clive - as usual you are busy hitting various nails on heads whilst I'm still in bed...a 1960's world long gone by just about sums it up I think.

Adam - your response was pretty much what I expected it to be; I'm in complete agreement. Shouldn't the BA be a little concerned that such a high profile new indie as yourself holds such a view.

Perhaps we will find out; someone from Book Tokens has just spent the last 9 minutes reading this.


Hi Crow - we have been trying to work out what the point of the BA was all year.

Our subscription is 363 days late and, in the end, I don't think we're going to pay it as I just can't see what the BA does for small guys like us.

Maybe we should look at forming our own sort of Independent BA or something. (Not that I have the first clue where to start!)

The BA suck as far as we're concerned and we are surviving without book tokens just fine thanks.

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